We are a team of parents and faculty supporting the students of Roy Gomm Elementary.

The Roy Gomm Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is committed to building strong partnerships between parents, teachers, and administrators to enhance the overall educational experience and ensure the success of every student. Through various initiatives and programs, the Roy Gomm PTA aims to provide resources, funding, and volunteer support to enhance educational opportunities within the school. We organize enriching events, workshops, and fundraisers that bring families together and foster a strong sense of community.

Our primary goals are to support academic enrichment, promote a sense of belonging, and encourage a love for lifelong learning. We strive to create a positive atmosphere where every child's unique talents and abilities are recognized and valued.

We work closely with teachers and administrators to address educational needs, and provide assistance wherever possible. By collaborating with the school leadership, we strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, excellence, and a well-rounded education for all students. The Roy Gomm PFA welcomes and encourages all parents, guardians, and community members to get involved and actively participate in our mission. Together, we can make a positive and lasting impact on the education of our children, empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

What we Focus on

Our Core Programs

Classroom Aides
We support classroom aides in the Kindergarten classes. This gives our students extra support in reading and being prepared for 1st grade.
Physical Education
The PFA funds a physical education instructor. Children get regular coaching and instruction out on the field.
Roy Gomm has a dedicated art classroom and the PFA funds an art teacher so that every student can get regular art instruction. We also support the Meet the Masters program.
The PFA provides additional budget for our library to be able to replace old books and buy new ones. Teachers are able to request books for their classrooms.
Our computer program is designed to give our students the skills to communicate their ideas digitally.
Spanish classes bring language learning to the school. We hope that every student can be bilingual.